Saturday, 30 July 2016

Where did I come from ?

Hi! I'm AJ ! 
At 47 I find myself  not only Christian, a wife a mother and grandmother but also a lesbian and polyamorous too!
This blog is the journey of my recent and ongoing evolution but knowing where I came from is important for you to know. 
My parents were recent immigrants from Malaysia to Australia a year before my birth. Our racial background was that of Eurasian and contained races including Indian, Sri Lankan, Scottish and Dutch but in terms of culture they were very Malaysian/Indian.
We were Catholics and trained that when you grow up you have to marry a boy to leave home ( we were a family of girls). 
There was no acceptable life outside of hetrosexual monogamy. 

So I got married at 20, had kids early, and suppressed that gut feeling I had that something was terribly wrong with my life. 
At 36 my husband left me which at the time felt like a big disaster but years later I thank him for setting us free. 
Divorce was frowned upon in the Christian Church I belonged to but for me that was pivotal event of my stepping away from what is taught as normal and acceptable. 

Two years later I accidentally fell in love with a childhood friend. I say accidentally because for years I had zero interest in men outside of my husband which I mistook for just being a really good Christian wife who has the"monogamy thing" nailed! I married this wonderful friend and consider him to be my soul mate ( if such a thing exists) 

As it turned out I am pansexual when it comes to men (able to fall in love with heart and soul regardless of body) but definitely lesbian as well. You may hear me refer to myself as bisexual which I do for other people's comfort to ease their concerns that I will eventually leave my husband due to my lesbianism!!  That's is not happening!! 

This is not a coming out story though, so if you want to know that you can ask me 😊
This is however a blog about the evolution from a monogamous mindset to a polyamorous life and all the other relationship benefits and insights I am gaining


  1. Wow what a journey .. Australia can be a melting pot of cultures and Idendities .. Rich tapestry of lives . I look forward to getting to know you and your family as we travel along this road less traveled.

    1. Thank you I am looking forward to sharing my revelations on relationships and how they have changed my last life